VUCA: volatile. uncertain. complex. ambiguous.

person performing fire dance at night

Hey, it’s crazy out there!  These are VUCA times- Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.  This concept applies to almost everything in our dynamic world. Daunting? No doubt, yes indeed. 

But what if we embrace that we are exactly where we need to be?  What if we actually incorporate the tools for collaboration and participation that we all have access to?  What if we believe that we and our children have the capacity to heal and thrive in VUCA?

Our attention is our most valuable commodity at a time when distractions are fierce. Let us reset in the groundedness and stability that lies within.  

At Modern Mind for Teens, we use *magic (Mindful Approach for Gynecologic Integrative Care) to cultivate the practices of heart centered health.

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