Meet Jessa Buchalter

March 5, 2023 ~ Yoga & Women’s Circle with Jessa of Live Love Laugh Yoga

Maintaining a combined practice of medicine and meditation is an invitation for me to engage with the splendors of our community. This Sunday, I was 1 of 6 women lead by Jessa Buchalter on a morning of mindful practice, yoga, journaling, and intimate sharing in the backyard Circle. After unifying mind and body in a space that holds all there is, just as it is, the shares were deep and vulnerable.

I reflected on the times that I felt my life was in shambles and there was so much sadness, anger, and blame. In those moments, I was fortunate enough to find resources such as these to lean in to the discomfort and find my power to Remember, Woman, remember you are more than you can see.

I wish we had a photo of our final moments in the Circle, left hand on our own heart, right hand holding the back of the woman to the right…as we cultivated the power to love ourselves and each other unconditionally.

This is a poem Jessa read to us:

Remember, Woman

Remember, Woman, you were born

Life giver, miracle creator, magic maker.

You were born with the heart of a thousand mothers,

Open and fearless and sweet.

You were born with the fire of Queens and conquerors, 

warriors blood you bleed.

You were born with the wisdom of sages and shamans,

no wound can you not heal.

You were born the teller of your own tale, 

before none should you kneel.

You were born with an immeasurable soul 

reaching out past infinity.

You were born to desire with passion, abandon,

and to name your own destiny.

Remember, Woman, remember 

you are more than you can see.

Remember, Woman, remember 

you are loved endlessly.

Remember, Woman, your power and grace, 

the depth of your deep sea heart. 

Never forget you are Woman, divine, 

As you have been from the start.

	-Reese Leyva

Cheers Jessa, I have cherished our journey of yoga, prenatal yoga, and look forward to co-creating a Menopause Circle in the future!

Cheers to all, may 2023 be year of self-discovery and self-love, remembering and seeing and radiating the luster of who you really are. May you feel nurtured while enriching your unique Circle.

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