MBCP, a Childbirth Retreat

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Summer Classes for Due Dates of September, 2022 and beyond

What recent grads are saying–

“I think it’s the best type of birthing course because it prepares you for all the outcomes and things in between that you might not expect or learn about.”

“Dr. Jenny was a great instructor. I liked the way she led the guided meditations. I also appreciated her medical knowledge but liked that she balanced it with encouraging us to learn to trust our intuition.”

“Dr Jenny was loving and kind and calming and informative. My partner reflects that she ‘put him at immediate ease.’ She was a very helpful presence for us to be with as we delved into content that is completely new to me.”

Virtual Class BeginsAll time zones are Welcome!
9-11:30 am MSTZoom
In-Person Class BeginsBoulder, Colorado
6-8:30 pm MSTJoy Collective Birth Center of Boulder

A 9 week journey to Learn:

The physiology of childbirth from a mind-body perspective

Comprehensive Meditation Instruction

Practices for being with pain

Partner support skills and communication

Newborn social/emotional needs


Homework – daily practice, reading and journaling

Designed so EVERYONE succeeds

“We couldn’t be more grateful for the mindful birthing class. We were both so much more relaxed than we ever expected to be, and confident. The breathing, meditation and yoga techniques helped pre labor, during labor and in this time working on breastfeeding as well.”

Mindfulness as a Mirror- the wisdom of pregnancy and childbirth already resides within you. The practices will guide you to your appreciation and discovery of self.

A Life Approach to a Birthing Class, gratefully taught at UCHealth
Learn more about Mindful Birthing and it’s Worldwide Appeal and MBCP Research
Reunion Class is a bonus to the MBCP curriculum and is scheduled after all couples deliver!