Modern Mind for Teens

Let’s Talk about SEX

Attention ALL preteens, teens and young adults

ALL Genders Welcome

the Result:

A confident and informed adolescent who’s empowered to make the right choices when it comes to sex.

Making sure your teen has contraception doesn’t necessarily equal safe sex. Safe sex requires an understanding of one’s mind, body, intentions and boundaries.

In this 2-hour workshop, I’ll walk your adolescent through:

  • How our bodies is wired for survival
  • How the menstrual cycle works and how/when you can and can’t get pregnant
  • The truths about pills, the patch, the ring, IUDs, implants & emergency contraception
  • Avoiding STIs
  • Managing the mind/body connection 
  • And much more!

Groups are designed to provide age appropriate education, inquiry and discussion of mind-body integration

Parenting as a Practice
Parenting as a Practice… “it takes a village”

The Parent

You know how wonderful your teen daughter is and you always want the very best for her, but often the conversation gets derailed, your best intention turns into an unsolicited criticism, and she’d rather be alone, with her friends or with social media.

Adolescence and Self-Discovery

The Teen

You’re curious about YOU. Your body is changing, you love it and you hate it, you have lots of questions and often don’t know what to ask, who to ask, how to ask and on top of that, you find yourself feeling a bit confused, embarrassed and doubting the goodness that you know is YOU.

Modern Mind for Teens & Twenties

Have you been gifted with sexual health education that allows you to
       Feel good in your body? 
             Be aware of the thoughts and emotions that influence your choices?
   Nourish in your beauty and well-being?

There is wisdom that benefits us all
                                                    We can't buy it
                                  We don't need to earn it
             We never have to prove that we possess it

The wisdom already resides in all of us...  
when we slow down to tune in to what IS right here, right now

What do you perceive when you look in the mirror? 
How do you tell your story?

Sex and relationships are intimate – and often intimidating to talk about. 
At Modern Mind, we create a container to transform the discussion 
from shame and fear, expectation and guilt 
to an embodied sharing of the capacity to be human 
and savor the richness of this life.

This is our shared journey;

Rewire to


not just


  • The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends the initial reproductive health visit should take place between the ages of 13 and 15 years
  • We will focus on education around puberty, menstrual cycles and reproductive health
  • And talk about self-awareness, body image, the real self vs. the social media self, setting boundaries and requiring consent
  • And learn about the neuroscience of how our brain and body is connected
  • There’s so much to talk about, a pelvic exam is rarely needed!
  • Age appropriate resources will be provided to support emotional well-being and emergence of healthy lifestyle choices
  • Follow up Check-ins may be performed in-person or virtually; individually or in a group setting

Trust comes from ensuring the adolescent’s privacy and fostering healthy communication