Difficult Decisions

When I had to make a difficult decision between having surgery to immediately relieve a medical issue or taking a stepwise, kinder, gentler approach to treating my symptoms, I turned to Dr. Kim. She listened to my challenges, considered my medical history and reviewed my options with me. In the end, I was able to confidently make a decision that felt good for me. If you’re facing a difficult medical decision and feeling overwhelmed by your options, I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Kim.” 

– Noelle Abarelli /Longmont, CO

Extra support during Pregnancy and Postpartum

“Dr. Kim supported me during all three of my pregnancies. My first birth was supposed to be a home birth and she provided prenatal support and counsel throughout the pregnancy. She was there for me when we had to transport to the hospital and she safely delivered our firstborn with skill and kindness. She was not judgmental of our desire to have a homebirth, but held an open and inquisitive mind to the midwife and natural birth process. We decided to have our second child at the hospital where she assisted me in a 100% natural birth, and safely delivered our second child. She has a wealth of knowledge from her years as an OB/GYN. In addition to her western medicine training, she holds an appreciation for alternative healing modalities that can assist women in successfully following their birth plans. Dr. Kim has a life wisdom that makes her gentle and compassionate towards the psychological and mental components of becoming a mother, including but not limited to, birth trauma and postpartum depression. I would highly recommend Dr. Kim for anything relating to peri/post natal care and women’s health. 

– Claire Gerthe/Longmont, CO

Wellness Care

I met Dr. Kim years ago at an annual women’s exam.  She was the first doctor who I felt really listened to me and helped me focus on overall wellness.  She encouraged me to try different ways to look at my overall health including managing my stress level as a busy mom.  Fast forward a few years, I received a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder from a gastroenterologist.  This particular doctor told me (rather coldly) that my only option was to go on a life-altering medication for the rest of my life whether I was having symptoms or not.  I reached out to Dr. Kim who had been a support to me over the years and whose medical knowledge and reputation I have trusted.   Dr. Kim helped me to look at the situation in a broader perspective and again focus on overall wellness.  She is such a breath of fresh air, and I felt listened to and understood by her once again.  Dr. Kim has given me hope in a challenging time and I believe she really cares for the overall health and wellness of her patients.  She is one of the few doctors I have had who has really taken the time to listen, explore alternatives, and I leave her presence feeling hopeful and better about the situation rather than worse.  I highly recommend her! 

-Shannan Olson/ Mead, CO

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