Mindful Birthing, Mindful Everything

On the 10th Anniversary of the book, a new curriculum for Childbirth Education is flourishing- Happy Birthday “Daisy!”

I wake up reflecting on the blissful 10th anniversary celebration of Nancy Bardacke’s offering to the world, held on July 10, 2022, and her wish for the world and the world’s children. She informed the worldwide community of MBCP teachers and all those who supported her in the creation of the Mindful Birthing Foundation that she has always held on to a note written by a female physician who worked in Nicaragua during the time of the Sandinista revolutionaries. The physician wrote with this aspiration- that although she is taking off her gloves and washing her hands after a birth, leaving a gift of a new person emerging into the world, she is not washing her hands of the duty to provide our people with a new world. In recent years, the world is suffering from a fever, and greed and hatred and delusion are running wild, causing additional layers of individual and global suffering.

The anticipation of birth provides a unique window for all of us- it is a time when the wish to offer our best for a new beginning harnesses the desire to seek out the best in ourselves. Mindfulness provides the tools- the tools for grounding in our inner resilience even in times of chaos.

Expecting couples, let us join together for the next series of Mindful Birthing, to offer not only the best of ourselves to our new being, but also to each other and the world. Inquire today!

“It’s not just a birth class, It’s a life class” – Participant Erin Hirmke

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