Have you tuned in to your longing?

three brown buttom mushrooms beside grasses

This morning I listened to the sound of rain. The sound of rain falling on the Front Range of Colorado is not the most common of sounds.  I did not expect for it to be a moment of meditation, though in retrospect, it was indeed.  I became intentional about hearing it- paying attention to the sound of the medium sized drops and watching the rain fall onto the backyard garden, grass, fruit trees, rocks and more. I listened as the sound of the drops became louder and then softer.  Freshness, renewal, growth – reminding me of a favorite quote from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh “the tears I shed yesterday have become rain.”

We are often engaged in the practice of meditation without even knowing that we are- perhaps it’s in those moments that we become aware of our longings. When we bring intentionality to the practice, we reap the benefits- and with the growing body of research, this list of benefits is getting longer every day. To me, mindfulness is a quality that can be cultivated to transform our longing into intention. 

Now sprouting from a seed watered long ago is the latest offering at Modern Mind Women’s Health.  A small group of clients came together for a 5 week series.  These are people who, just like me and you, live a full life and yearn to manifest their longings.  Eager to dive deeper into the complex web that makes us human, we convened together to tune in, listen and share deeply. We completed Level 1 below.

Mindful Meditation Groups – yet to be named (yes, please help, I’m taking suggestions!) – are sprouting:

  • Level 1- From Longing to Intention – a small group for mindfulness cultivation, with practical meditation and mindfulness instruction, focused inquiry, sharing and discussion (5 sessions, $350)
  • Level 2- Participants Contributing and Sharing – a supervised group for continuation of intentional practice (5 sessions, $200)
  • All levels- Drop In (literally, pausing the day and “dropping in” to mindful meditation practice) – a commitment to deepening practice

What do you need? What do you long for? How would you like to begin? Let us together discover *magic (Mindful Approach for Gynecologic and Gestational Integrative Care). Contact Dr. Jenny Kim: modernmindmd@gmail.com

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