Mindful Birthing with PRIDE

Mindful Birthing families come in all shapes, sizes, and orientations, and all are welcome in our classrooms.

In the US, between 2 million and 3.7 million children under age 18 have an LGBTQ+ parent. Approximately 191,000 children are being raised by two same-sex parents. Overall, it is estimated that 29% of LGBTQ+ adults are raising a child who is under 18.

-LGBT Demographic Data, 2019; Press Release 2019; Gates, Marriage and Family 2015

Summer Class starts end of June for due dates September, 2022 and beyond

Trust- it’s within you

May 5, 2022- In honor of World Maternal Mental Health Day, which is today, and every day, I honor the imperfections of the world and those of its inhabitants- that’s me, you, all of us. Our instincts for survival allow us to nurture and protect our loved ones. The nervous system is constantly reacting to the evolving stressors within ourselves and within the world. Through it all, we have the inner resilience to emerge in wellness. Everyone, with help from the community, has this capacity. May springtime bring RAIN upon us:

Recognize and name our suffering

Accept and Allow the emotions to inhabit our being

Inquire and Investigate how our life is being impacted

Nurture with nothing short of all the love, gold and patience in the world

Every Mom is worth it, Every Child is worth it, Every Family is WORTHY

Every moment is an invitation to begin again. Support for you and yours is within reach. With understanding and surrender, dropping the shame and blame, YOU will re-emerge with renewed trust in your innate capacity to mother yourself and those you love. Find a Perinatal Mental Health-Certified provider near you –https://modernmindwomenshealth.com/pregnancy/

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May 2 is Baby Day

Attention Expecting Families due in September 2022 and Beyond!

Next Class meets weekly starting end of June/July/August 2022
Virtual (Sunday mornings) and In-Person (Monday evenings in Boulder, CO)
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