The brilliance of the brain

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The adolescent brain is undergoing a phenomenal process called Brain Remodeling; pruning & myelination.  Pruning involves removing the connections that are not used, and myelination takes the ones that are left and makes them faster.  Whether an adolescent is pursuing an academic or athletic or artistic pursuit, they are likely to thrive with the brilliance and resilience of the adolescent brain.  What other skills are needed to thrive in life despite setbacks and challenges?  When do we struggle and what do we do in those times? Luckily, all brains have neuroplasticity, the amazing capacity to change and adapt. At Modern Mind for Teens, we cultivate practices for empathy, compassion and connection, so we can learn together in a state of receptivity rather than resistance. 

Learn more about the brain’s Neuroplasticity from Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

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